of using simpTASK

As a project manager

Plan your projects easier

In the hierarchical view you can plan your projects, tasks and their resource needs easily. And it is going to be even more simple by using the upcoming Resource Planning module.

Import from MS Project

Already have a project plan? You can easily import it from MS Project. This not only saves you a huge amount of time but also enables you to track the changes better than before.

See which tasks are in delay

You can easily check the status of your projects and tasks. A project’s status is automatically calculated from its individual tasks’ statuses.

As an executive

See through the projects’ structure

You can see the internal and external projects of your company in a single system. This overview can ease your work as a CEO.

Follow up the progress of projects

You can not only see the status of a project, but you can also choose to get notifications of it. It also helps the work of a program manager.

See the documents created

The latest documents related to the project can be accessed by the management anytime.

As a project member

List your current tasks

From your tasklist you will always know which tasks to work on, what to finish, and how much time you can spend on each. This project management software clears up your duties and helps you to concentrate on your tasks.

Log your work easily

It takes a few minutes a day to record all your activities and the current status of your tasks, using a clear graphical interface. There are notes can be added to these tasks, also! These notes grant you remember everything!

Reach your tasks anywhere

We support telework. You can work from home or anywhere you are thanks to the online environment.

As a resource manager

See the resource needs months in advance

The resource needs of the projects can be seen months in advance. You will know when you need additional resources, so you can request workforce in time.

Track the load of your resources

You will be aware of the under- or overload of your resources beforehand, so that you can create an optimal resource allocation.

Automated supervision to help with new projects

When a new project is under planning, automated supervision saves you time by showing the availability of the resources for the selected period. This is a new era in resource planning.